Kahn The Longshot

Sup, my name is KahnScience (Kahn for short), a Spoken Word Poet. I am a Street Photographer, Model Photographer, and Portrait Photographer and this is iKahnic Photos, LLC. First of all, thank you for visiting the page!

For new visitors, feel free to explore, I recommend checking out the 'Client Galleries', followed by the 'iKahnic Pricing' pages if you are in the market for the dopest photographer on this side of existence, point, blank, period. I'm not better than anyone else but I'm the absolute BEST at what I do.

Current clients, your photos are behind the 'Client Galleries' link.

Commercial connects, models, corporate connects, and the like, head over to the 'iKahnic Portfolio' link, and thanks for following up with what was most likely a prior conversation.

For any questions, concerns, rants, political and social commentary, kudos, troll attempts rants, shot shooting, and maybe even internship, mentorship, or employment opportunities, hit the 'Contact' page. Whatever it is, I will take appropriate action accordingly.